Creativity Without All The Complexity

You’re busy, we get that. It’s why our video production process has been designed to deliver the animation you need without sapping your time. And, since we know the software industry, we can provide insights that help streamline your creative process.

How It Works In 4 Simple Steps

Step: 1

Creative Intake

Step: 2

Script Development

Step: 3

Storyboard Design

Step: 4

Animation & Effects

Creative Intake

It’s essential to capture your vision on how your video will look, sound and feel. This isn’t your typical “choose your favorite color” type process.

Our creative intake process ensures that all the essential details get extracted from your brain and shared with our team.

Knowing your audience and even the tone you would like the narration to have all adds up to launch the creative process in the right direction.

Plus, since we’ve got such a deep background within the software industry…we can share a few ideas too.

Script Development

Don’t worry, you won’t have to become an expert storyteller overnight. It’s our job to create a narration script that will tell your story.

Think of the script as an anchor, it sets the pace and tone for everything that follows it. By collaborating with you on the script development, it ensures your story comes to life in an entertaining and educational way.

And, once your script is approved, we audition amazing voice talent so you can actually hear your crafter words come to life. No surprises here, just amazing writing spoken by talented voice actors.

Storyboard Design

Some say this is where the rubber meets the road. But really, it’s where your story comes to life.

If this is your first video project, think of the storyboard as a comic strip that lets you get a complete picture of how your story plays out from beginning to end.

This stage is where we’ll also develop options for the color and visual styling of your animation.

The cool part is, you can literally see your story come to life in front of your eyes…or rather your screen.

Animation & Effects

Taking all these details and putting them together happens in the animation stage.

You’ll be amazed when you see the video you’ve been collaborating on really come to life on screen. 

Adding background music, effects and that professional voice narration really lets your video project really shine.

It’s something you’ll be proud to share with everyone you know. And, you can easily drop it right into your sales and marketing funnels.

Get Your Animated Video Project 
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Choose Options

Based on what video works best, we’ll go over ideal options for your specific animation project.

Project Kickoff

Your new video project launches! Imagine all the possibilities your new animated video will bring.